Go Beyond™ Facial Scrub and Mask

Handcrafted to go beyond the surface of your skin for a gentle and nurturing exfoliation.


    Net Wt 1.5 oz

    (Unscented) Ingredients: Gluten-free Oats*, Kaolin Cosmetic Clay, Chamomile* and Red Roses*. *Certified Organic Ingredients

    (Geranium & Lavender) Ingredients: Gluten-free Oats*, Kaolin Cosmetic Clay, Chamomile*, Red Roses*, Geranium Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*. *Certified Organic Ingredients


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    Every product is created with a unique positive affirmation that we share here, as an added touch of personal magic for self-enjoyment.

    "I Cleanse and Purify with Gentleness and Ease. I APPROVE of Me." 

    Magical Tip: Use a mirror and look at yourself directly in the eyes while you state the following words 3 times as you apply this product. Speak to yourself with feeling, as if you are speaking to the person you love the most. 


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