Abracadabra Botanicals Origin Story...

Hello Beautiful,


I am the Founder & Owner of Abracadabra Botanicals, a small woman-owned and heart-centric company!

Located in Asheville, NC and nestled along the Blue Ridge Parkway... this is where the magic happens! 

My journey began in Colorado, where I spent over a year in product research and development and formally started my business in 2018. The fun part was discovering a way to seamlessly handcraft botanical oils that maintained the integrity of the botanicals and the oils through solar infusion, while also integrating three decades of my intuitive healing arts background into the process. What was birthed, was a truly conscious skin care line with high-quality certified organic ingredients, handcrafted botanical oils, positive affirmations, and a palpable way to integrate a mind/body/spirit experience into a common daily routine that delivers quick results to you and your loved ones.

The word Abracadabra (roughly translated to: "I Create that which I Speak") became part of my business name after watching my daughters play like fairies in the garden using words, actions, and botanicals as a way to make the world a better place. Their innate creativity and joy was inspiring and heart-opening, as we turned a fun game into an honest desire to understand how plants, song, and positive intention could help heal and nurture the body. My husband and I decided to help take their curiosities to a new level with our strong backgrounds in alternative healing arts, music, and our love for nature. We encouraged their questions and began researching the benefits of common botanicals growing in our garden, such as: Calendula, Red Roses, Plantain Leaf, Lemon Balm, Chamomile and more. I decided it would be fun to find a tangible way to put our new knowledge to use, and began researching different methods to make the purest oils, balms, and creams for our family.

The name of my company Abracadabra Botanicals strengthens my commitment to excellence, by reminding me and all those who are stewards of these products, to be kind and mindful in every stage of our creation process. I believe that it’s important to be conscious of the connection between our thoughts, words, and actions and how they can impact the world around us. To put this belief into practice, everyone who works with the creation of my products is certified in Reiki or has been trained by me, and has a strong understanding of how to maintain the energetic integrity of my products. We also use positive affirmations specific to each product, musical accompaniment, and song to enhance the positive vibes we aim to bring to our creation process and the products you love!

We are committed to creating a fabulous skin care line that nourishes your beautiful body and radiant spirit, which is why you are always guaranteed 100% satisfaction with every single purchase!

It is our hope that you will enjoy and cherish these products as much as we do and you become a part of our local and global community, "Where Everyday Magic Happens!"

Take a look at our site and get in touch with any questions you may have regarding our products.

We're always happy to help!

Wishing You Everything Good & Fabulous,

Abigail Rosan 

Founder & Owner