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Where Everyday Magic Happens™

 Abracadabra Botanicals Skin Care is both luxurious and practical for everyday use, with the very best organic ingredients chosen for a healthier today and tomorrow. 

We are a small family-run company, birthed from watching our children play like fairies in the garden with a pure hearted desire to understand how plants, song, and positive intention could help heal and nurture the body. This innate wonder and magic in everyday life, turned a fun game into an honest desire to create a skin care line that not only ignited joy in our hearts but joy in others. What was birthed, was a truly conscious skin care line, with high-quality organic ingredients, certified organic botanicals & essential oils, positive vibes and a touch of everyday magic that delivers quick results to you and your loved ones. 

We consciously keep our minds and emotions focused on kind, joyful, loving and positive thoughts as we infuse each batch with Reiki, positive affirmations, song and musical accompaniments chosen specifically to enhance the energetic quality of every product.

We are committed to creating a fabulous skin care line that nourishes your beautiful body and radiant spirit, which is why you are always guaranteed 100% satisfaction with every single purchase!

It is our hope that you will enjoy and cherish these products as much as we do, and you become a part of our local and global community, Where Everyday Magic Happens!™

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We will be hiring in May 2020. You may submit your resume anytime for review. If you do not have a link to your resume, please email it to: Abracadabrabotanicals@gmail.com.